2017 PMI台灣專案管理國際論壇





從1999年成立至今,PMI 台灣分會已經滿18歲了!依習俗,18歲代表成年!雖然還有很多事情需要努力,也還有漫長的路要走,但感謝各位長官與中華專案管理學會、台灣國際專案管理師協會等友會的支持,大家都認同與支持PMI的標準與體系,並齊心為推動台灣的專案管理而努力。更要感謝志工們的熱情投入,如果沒有志工,許多事務將無法順利推動,我們今天也將表揚今年度的志工代表,雖然台上只能有幾位受獎代表,但是每一位志工都是學會的最大支柱!

最後,要感謝所有會員們的支持,因為有您們,學會才能一步一腳印走到現在。敬祝各位嘉賓身體健康、萬事如意,2017 PMI台灣專案管理國際論壇順利成功。

  陳威良, PMP
2017 PMI Taiwan International Congress

Ladies and gentlemen, distinguished guests, and all fellow members,

Thank you for joining the 2017 PMI Taiwan International Congress. Many thanks to Tatung University for the great support so that we can gather together at this marvelous building,

The theme of the year is “Cross-field Talents: Masters of the Future”. We are in a fast-pace, technology-driven era. Especially with the high development of the artificial intelligence technologies, not only many repetitive taskforce will be replaced by robots, it is also not impossible for robots to learn some professional skills with the machine learning and deep learning technologies. Therefore, people start to wonder, will project management also be performed by robots some day? The answer may be unknown for now but one thing is clear: only cross-field talents will survive the technology impact, and be able to master the future.

We had a fruitful year in 2017. The project portfolio management national standard CNS 21504 was formally announced in August, which is another milestone for national project management standards. We have also successfully completed the Enterprise Project Management Benchmarking Award (EPBA), the Ten Outstanding Project Managers (TOPM), and the College Project Management Best Practice Competition. We received a record-high submission and the quality of the documents is also the best ever. This indicates that project management has gained the high attention and recognition of all parties. Thanks to our reviewing committee and we have the winners today. Congratulations to all winners.

Since established in 1999, PMI Taiwan Chapter is now 18 years old, which means, based on many local customs, we are an adult now. Even though there are still many to do and a long way to go, I still would to thank many great supporters, such as the National Project Management Association and the Institute of Taiwan Project Management. All of us recognize and support the PMI standards and framework, and work closely together toward a better project management environment in Taiwan. I also like to thank our volunteers. Let’s join the appreciation ceremony for the representatives of the volunteers shortly.

Finally, I would like to thank the participation and support of all members. Because of you, we reach where we are today and will keep walking. Thank all of you who are here today. Wish you all the best and prosperity.



William Chen, PMP
Chairman, PMI Taiwan International Congress
President, PMI Taipei, Taiwan Chapter



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